Palm Beach or Bust

Heading into 2019, I am already making my resolutions a reality. I have always dreamed of living in Florida and working for Lilly, and I am proud to announce that I have already made both these dreams come true!

The stars suddenly aligned as I took a chance and applied for the Lilly Pulitzer store at the Breakers. I have been envisioning myself in this setting for a year since I first set my sights here. After my visit to this dreamy destination, I did everything in my power to steer my life towards south Florida.

Everything fell into place when my interviews one day turned into a job acceptance that afternoon. I was in disbelief as I came to realize that this step was the first towards the rest of my life. Everything was about to change, and this time it was just for me.

I packed my bags and hit the road with a backseat full of boxes and the rest in the rear view. It was then that it sank in that its been a year since the car accident that turned my world upside down. This job, this move, this drive… has turned my life right side up again, in the direction I’ve always dreamed of.

Making it to Palm Beach and moving in with my big sister in our dream apartment on the water, I have never felt more at home. I love where my life has led me, and it truly showed me that all this time of developing in the darkness, I truly found my light!


Special thanks to  everyone who helped me through this past year

and guided me to my greatest goal. I cant wait to see what the new year has in store!


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