Sunflower Fields Forever

Winter is on its way, but as you can see, I’m not ready for it’s arrival. For that reason, you can find me in the sunflower fields, spending these final days of fall chasing the sun.


As we made our way through the Carolina country roads, I came across a strip of sunflowers. I was elated to find these flowers, as most of the crops are too cold.

There was a storm brewing, but the sun paused to make an appearance. We stopped the car for an impromptu photoshoot on our way to the apple orchard.

We had so much fun playing the field with flowers in our hair. The bees were buzzing and the wind was blowing and the buds were in full bloom. What a beautiful roadside surprise to kiss summer goodbye.


Gold Hoops from: Page 6 in Rock Hill, SC Β . Β Sunflower dress from Sophie & Mollies in Apex, NC

Location: Black’s Peaches in York, SC

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