When I moved to the Outer Banks I always told myself I would make it out to Corolla to see the wild horses. Well finally it was my lucky day! I met a great guy who made made my horse hopes come true. He took me out on not only a tour, but my very own private wild horse tour…

We hopped up in the truck, cranked up the heat and cruised through the sand and the snow along the shore. Watching the waves out of the car window was certainly another check off my bucket list. And on top of that, the adventure had only just begun.

We cut across the beach and darted through the dunes. What a wild ride! Through peaks and valleys we kept a lookout for these mysterious mares. When we finally caught a glimpse, we made our way over. To my surprise, we saw not one or two, but a whole ‘harem’ of horses! We loved watching them play, and of course we had to sneak a few selfies. We even saw a stand off between two very sassy stallions. It was hard to head out, but the best surprise was set for last.

As we made our way atop the sandy mountains we parked at the perfect sunset overlooking the sound.  I have to say this is the warmest welcome I could ever ask for. What a wonderful way to top off the day.

Special thanks to Bradford from Corolla Outback Adventures in Outer Banks NC

Snowflakes on the Sound

With a new year comes new experiences… and I have to say, that a snow day on the beach has to be the best one yet! As the sun went down, so did the temperature. I struggled to sleep because I was so excited hearing the snowflakes slide down my window.

When I woke, the Outer Banks transformed from a tourist destination to a winter wonderland vacation. As I made my way through the workday, the sky began to fall. Being surrounded by windows at the shop, I had a 360 degree view of the baby blizzard. I couldn’t wait to sneak out for a snow angel.

The sun set on a white horizon, and rose on the frozen sound. This was certainly a sight to see for this southern gal. What a treat to have snow on the beach!

Want more? Follow me throughout the winter for more of my frosty adventures…