Christmasville in Rock Hill


Merry Christmas ‘fur’ one and ‘fur’ all!

I have to say, my favorite place to go this time of year is my hometown for the holidays. Rock Hill, South Carolina is known for their annual ‘Christmasville’ festival, and it is definitely worth the trip!



The city ‘came alive as a charming, picturesque holiday village’ with  fun features ranging from carolers to carriage rides. Fountain Park was sprinkled with holiday cheer complete with a fabulous festival atmosphere.



The best part was dolling up for a stroll downtown. Fuzzy fur vests are a fab winter staple for the day.  At dawn I donned a luxe satin one-shoulder dress, topped with a rich houndstooth coat.

It was such a treat to celebrate the holidays at this 10th annual Christmas celebration in the whimsical world of old town Rock Hill. I hope to see you all there next year!

Event: Christmasville Vest: American Eagle Outfitters

Cookies: Provisions Local Market

Dress: French Connection Coat: Takara

Location: Fountain Park & Downtown Rock Hill

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Family and Friendsgiving


This year I am thankful I was able to spend Thanksgiving with both friends and family, and have some seriously fabulous food.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 10.19.23 PM

The Palm Avenue ladies and I hosted our first ‘Friendsgiving’ and I must say, we were beyond proud of our holiday spread. This was also my first time tracking down a turkey, but after all the trouble,  it certainly made a great centerpiece. Each girl brought their best traditional dish to the table, from hush puppy stuffing to momma’s mac and cheese.


Just when I thought we were all stuffed, there was still just a smidgen of space for dessert. Of course I had to make my famous Pilgrim Hat Cookies, a festive reincarnation of the with hat cookies featured in my previous posts.


The best part had to be spending the holiday with my fabulous family. My Gramie hosted the gathering at her house in my hometown of Rock Hill, and we all left with full hearts and full bellies!

Hostesses: Kristen Kutchey and Peggy Angel           Pilgrim Hat Cookies: The Prep In Pink

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Witch Hat Cookies


Looking for a spooky snack for your Halloween party? Well I’ve got the recipe for you! In my last blog, I featured these Witch Hat Cookies that were a holiday hit. My mom started making these for family and friends when I was a kid, and they have been a cookie classic ever since. With this easy recipe, you too can bring this tradition to your home.


What You Will Need:

1 Pack of Fudge Stripe Cookies

1 Small Bag of Hershey’s Kisses

1 Tube of Orange Icing

1 Decorative Tip for Icing

1 Non-stick Fry Pan

(Makes 24)



Lay your cookies out on a tray, chocolate side up

Unwrap your hershey’s kisses

Have a small fry pan on the stove and set the temperature to low

When your materials are ready, place the bottom of the kiss on the pan for a few seconds while you push it around in a circle just until the chocolate starts to melt and become sticky

Next, place the kiss on the center of the chocolate side of the fudge stripe cookie

Finally, grab your icing tube with decorative tip attached, and draw a band around the kiss and top it off with a bow.

Feel free to get creative and add warlock buckles, spiderwebs or anything spooky.

Repeat this process with each cookie, serve and savor!

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Palm Avenue Pumpkin Party

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.49.56 PM

Ghouls Night

When it comes to party planning, I’m more so known as the partier than the planner. When my boss handed me the hostess hat, I have to say I was a little intimidated but with a little pinteresting and tips from my Lilly ladies, my party soon came to life! From frightening to festive, follow me through my Pumpkin Party prep.


After a massive rush to clean the clutter, I pulled down my best spooky décor and got to work. I also turned down the bright lights and turned up the mood lamps for a more eerie effect.


As I am still working on my cooking skills, I saved time and struggle by picking up a Zaxbys platter for the girls, a southern favorite for a low- key gathering. For dessert, I used my mom’s classic Witch Hat Cookie recipe, which is now a pinterest phenomenon! (Stay tuned for the easy recipe on my next post.)


Hangin With My Witches
As far as tools go, I recommend printing out a few easy templates (not a double flamingo like mine, it will take you a lot of work.. and wine!) and grab a few carving kits to share. If carving isn’t your thing, just add paint or glitter for more fab effects!


To keep the party festive and fun, I got my girlies to don cat ears, and gave them goblets for their wine to pass the time. To leave a sweet taste with your partygoers, pack them a great goody bags to go, filled with Halloween fun. Don’t hesitate to get inspired by my ideas and make them your own. Hopefully with a few of my tips, you too can become the hostess with the mostess.

Pumpkin Favors: Michael’s Decor and Party Favors: Target Scull Goblet: Party City

First photo featured taken by: Brooke Wanex Following photos taken by: The Prep In Pink

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Candy Coated Pretzel Sticks


Craving a sugary snack for your girly get together but you aren’t the Betty Crocker of the bunch? Well look no further, because I’ve got the recipe for you! Here I have highlighted one of the sweet treats from our Flamingle Party, featured in our last post. I cant say cooking is my strong suit, so when I came across this simple microwave party snack, I couldn’t resist!

IMG_9203                IMG_9205                IMG_9206

What You Will Need:
1 Bag of Large Pretzel Sticks
1 Shaker of Fine Pink Sprinkles
1 Bag of White Chocolate Candy Melts
Wax Paper laid across Cookie Sheet/ Pan
2 Bowls




Simple Steps:
Pour bag of candy melts in a bowl
Microwave bowl at 30 second intervals then stir
Repeat until chocolate is mostly liquid
Dip 1/3 of the pretzel into the chocolate and shake off any excess from the tip
While wet, quickly roll the tip into a bowl of sprinkles
Lay each finished pretzel on the wax paper sheet to cool and harden
Smile and enjoy!

Candies: Hobby Lobby  Pretzels: Kroger

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