Come See Me Festival

Every April I always look forward to our annual salute to Spring, the Come See Me Festival. It is my favorite local festival in my hometown of Rock Hill, SC. This fest is full of fun events, from frog jumps to fireworks and more.

The community kicks off the event with the Come See Me Parade. Our beloved mascot Glen the Frog always makes an appearance, along with the Shriners and the Strawberry Queen.

I also love to hit the Hops in the Park, where you can sip samples from local breweries, and snack on sweets at the Gourmet Gardens. The best party is the Beach Bash, where you can dance the night away to live music, and have a beer with your best buds.

A great event for the girls is the Bubbles and Berries Brunch. It is a wonderful afternoon hosted by the Women’s Club, complete with sweet treats and champagne.

The grand finale is the famous fireworks show. Locals gather around Winthrop Lake for an all- day tailgate. The night lights up with live music as fireworks fill the sky. What better ending to this annual event? I already can’t wait for next year!

Come See Me Festival: April 12-21st in Rock Hill SC

Palm Dress: Britt Ryan  .  Sunnies: Lilly Pulitzer  .  Maxi Dress: Lilly Pulitzer


If You Like Piña Coladas

When life gives you pineapples, make Piña Coladas! What better way to start the summer than to sip a perfectly sweet tropical drink beneath the palms.

This fab fruit is so in season, I knew it would make my Macbeth Collection top  pop. A great way to seal the deal is with a stylish tumbler from your cute cabana boy.

No outfit combo would be complete without the perfect necklace from Haute Pink. Each piece is unique from my handcrafted accessory collection.

What do you pair with your pineapple pieces?


Clothing: Macbeth Collection  .  Pineapple Tumbler: The Pineapple Company

Featured Necklace Designed by Alexandria Angel for Haute Pink